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10 bulbs live Single Clove Garlic, Fresh Solo Garlic to Grown or Eaten#F

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10 bulbs live SingleClove Garlic, Fresh Solo Garlic to Grown or Eaten#F

Typically, 1 clove of garlic made 鈥嬧€媢p some onion seedsare sticking together to form spheres. Well, did youknow that there are other types ofgarlic that does not stickwith the other onionseeds. One typeis known as single garlic. Just like other onions,it also contains essential oils, compound allicin andmany others. Interestingly, this lanang onionshave a spherical shape and the coloris much whiter thanordinary onions. However,this type of onion is still rarely used ineveryday life when compared withnormal garlic. Even so, do not try to underestimate the efficacy of this singlegarlic. Many have felt it.Want to know what? Please refer to the following description.

1.    Efficacy of garlic first single is the abilityto prevent cancer. It is closely related to the sulfide content in it. Thesechemical compounds may helpthe liver against toxic compounds that can trigger cancer.

2.    Garlic is a potent single treatment of influenza virusattack. The distinctive aroma ofonions is able to activate themembrane performance mocus so that the airways becomerelieved that slime will slowly come out.

3.    Consumption single garlic regularly is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure that can result in heart organ. Thus, consumption of garlic can also protect yourheart.

4.    Other single properties of garlic are as a controller for those who suffer from diabetes.Garlic is formulatedwith food can increase stamina diabetics who generally alwaysexperience physical fatigue.

5.    Garlic is known to be a powerful single tackleblood clots in the body. The way is regular consumption in a raw state in order to maximize results.

6.    Garlic is also known as a natural anti-biotic verypowerful repel bacteria. If you are experiencingacne inflammation suppose, just use thissingle grated garlicand your acne willbe sterile from bacteria that would makeit worse.

7.    Single garlic is also known to overcome ulcer disease. Its easy, just wash and chew rawgarlic. Do it atleast 3 times a day until your ulcer improved.

8.    Efficacy of single garlic other is to relieve asthma, coughand cold, and colds. For these threediseases, simply mix honeywith single garlic that has been crushed. Strainand then drink everymorning regularly until your condition improves.


Weight  24 gram

10 bubls

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